Frequently Asked Questions

What is LOFFCO Risk Management?

LOFFCO is a risk management consultancy focused on identifying fraud at asset management companies, hedge funds, and alternative investments.

How does LOFFCO protect investors?

LOFFCO performs due diligence and risk assessments on hedge fund managers and alternative investments. LOFFCO also advises attorneys pursuing financial fraud cases and we provide support and consulting for whistleblowers. Our services for whistleblowers are always 100% free.

What consulting services are provided?

LOFFCO provides manager due diligence, manager selection, background checks, portfolio monitoring, and expert witness services.

What are the fees?

The cost for our services varies depending on the project. Generally, the cost for a single manager due diligence report is $14,500 and expert witness services are billed at a rate of $550 per hour.

Is there a retainer?

Most of our consulting and advisory work is billed per project but our ongoing monitoring services are typically rendered under a retainer of $10,000 monthly.

Can LOFFCO help whistleblowers?

Yes. LOFFCO has the premier structure and platform to assist whistleblowers. We provide the best attorneys in the industry, the most respected fraud examiners to assist in case development, and we provide funding for the whistleblower to live on while the case is being resolved.

Is everything confidential?

Yes, everything is 100% confidential and covered by attorney client privilege and non-disclosure agreements.

What is the turnaround time for consulting work?

The turnaround time can vary by project, but a small project can be completed in two to four weeks, while a more substantive mandate may take several months to complete.