External Managers and Funds

Due Diligence and Portfolio Monitoring for Alternative Investments

Background Checks and Due Diligence

LOFFCO performs due diligence, background checks and risk analyses for a variety of investment stakeholders. We use our network of fraud examiners, lawyers, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals to provide the most accurate and trustworthy due diligence on Wall Street.

With significant experience in the early detection of risks in direct lending portfolios, our firm is uniquely positioned to review and analyze your alternative investment managers. Extensive UCC checks, returns comparisons, quantitative analysis, and thorough background investigations have led to highly valuable risk mitigation for our clients.

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Mitigate Manager Risks

Contact us today to learn more about how we help mitigate investment risks for pension funds, family offices, banks, and endowments.

We work on a project basis, evaluating an individual manager, or a select group of managers, prior to investment. We also have agreements in place with capital providers to examine a fixed number of managers each month, for a fixed rate. 

Manager Selection

Our consultants work with pension funds, endowments, and family offices to source, screen, and monitor alternative investment managers. LOFFCO can serve as the primary due diligence solution for your investment office or be used as a supplement to your in-house investment staff. 

Portfolio Monitoring LOFFCO Risk Management

External Managers and Funds

Portfolio Monitoring

Robust Due Diligence and Compliance

Risk Management and Monitoring

LOFFCO Risk Management manager due diligence and on-going monitoring for institutional investment portfolios.

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Financial Fraud and Forensics

Litigation Consulting

Our consultants include hedge fund, audit, and forensic accounting specialists that work closely with the SEC and the United States Department of Justice to protect investors from losses.

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