Trade Finance Funds

LOFFCO has worked on behalf of investors to evaluate trade finance and structured finance vehicles. Our work has uncovered numerous instances of fraud and embezzlement, typically via straw borrowers, and the blatant overstating and mismarking of returns. We’ve also identified a particular business model that is an inherent risk for investors.


Private Equity in Africa

Our consultants have experience working in emerging and frontier markets. We’ve successfully worked on behalf of clients to evaluate private equity funds in Africa. Both firms were found to have serious red flags which would be hard to identify for the average investor.


Real Estate Investment Schemes

Many commercial lending, private mortgage and hard-money investments are hard to verify and rely on private valuations from the portfolio manager. We provide independent due diligence and risk assessments on a wide array of real estate fund strategies to ensure your assets are in the hands of strong fiduciaries.


Oil and Gas Investments

Promises of high returns and tax benefits often lure unsuspecting investors into oil and gas royalty schemes. We’ve created exceptional value with our energy related mandates and we’ve helped investors avoid millions of dollars in losses. Our history as a due diligence provider for some of the world’s largest energy sector investors gives us unique insights to select private energy managers.


Private Equity in the US

In many instances, investors take the comfort of developed markets as a mitigant to the risk of fraud. We believe that this false sense of security is what leads to the high level of fraud in US markets, particularly related to private investing. Our consultants evaluate middle-market private equity managers and protect your constituents from losses.


Direct Lending Schemes

With significant experience in the early detection of risks in direct lending portfolios, our firm is uniquely positioned to review and analyze your private fixed income managers. Extensive UCC checks, returns comparisons, and other covert techniques have led to highly valuable risk mitigation for our clients. Contact us to learn more.