Special Situations

Due to the unlimited risk facing short sellers it’s of paramount importance have a team of experienced consultants verifying and vetting the evidence supporting your investment ideas.

Financial Analysis and Tactical Intelligence

We provide an array of services to fund managers with strategies related to special situations and short positions. Hedge funds can use our diligence work to identify firms and managers which, in turn, often leads them to tradeable securities linked to our insights.

Hedge funds can also utilize our services to develop trade ideas related to companies engaging in financial fraud, corruption, or illegal behavior. We often work on a contingency fee which aligns the incentives of all parties. We are typically compensated by sharing in the proceeds or capital gains from the short ideas we helped to substantiate.


Trade Support and Execution

Our team of well-connected attorneys, fraud examiners, and finance experts can help provide evidence and analysis to make your trade a success. We assist clients in asset tracing, uncovering related entities, analyzing complex asset misappropriations, and by gaining access to insiders. Our team can also help your trade gain the attention of journalists and regulators to accelerate the outcome.